Santa was good to the staff of My Husband Hates Veggies this year, bringing us oodles of new items to have fun with in the kitchen. Some of the highlights:

New cookbooks! Every kitchen needs a Joy of Cooking, and I am thrilled to now have the latest, 75th anniversary edition.


Also, this fantastic Party Foods cookbook, with amazing glossy paged photographs that accompany each and every recipe.


Tater Mitts! It doesn’t get much better than “As Seen On TV”, folks. TV has never lied to us before, so we took TV’s word for it that these Tater Mitts would allow us to easily and happily peel a potato in less than 8 seconds.


Alas, like any brightly colored, shiny wrapped gift, not all items are as perfect as they might seem…

Let’s start with Zipcar, our formerly trusty, formerly beloved City car rental service. First, Zipcar let us down when, on our way to my husband’s 20th High School reunion, Zipcar failed to have our car available to us, that we had reserved 3 months in advance. Only after much begging, pleading, negotiating (and losing over an hour of needed travel time), did they manage to get us on the road. Every company has a bad day, so perhaps we could let that incident slide. Unfortunately, I really don’t know how I am ever going to get past the fact that Zipcar ruined my brand new cookbooks.



As you can see, a substance, which may or may not be water, saturated a large portion of my crisp and clean, brand-new cookbooks, which were in the trunk of the car.


While my husband is typically the member of our household who needs to be talked off a ledge at what many would perceive to be minor incidents (slightly ripped dvd packaging, misplaced keys), it was yours truly who needed a mild tranquilizer and a stiff drink after discovering my brand-new cookbooks were not as pristine as they had been 24 hours earlier. Had Zipcar ruined Christmas?


They have been living on our radiator for the past 2 days, in hopes they will actually dry. The prognosis for Joy of Cooking looks promising. The Party Foods book is still in the ICU.


And speaking of the ICU, that is likely where the fine makers of Tater Mitts would like to see all of us end up, because the cardio effort required by this product in order to actually make it do what it is supposed to do would surpass the demands of even the most challenging spin class.


Do you see that? That’s the skin. And it’s still on the potato. Not only did Zipcar let us down, but so did our old friend, TV. And during the Holidays!

Just when it seemed that Christmas truly was ruined, something incredible happened. First, we heard a little bell ring…could it be an angel getting it’s wings? No! It was Loews calling on my cell phone, just to let me know….



That my stand mixer was in!

Yes, the super deal from Lowes that was the buzz of the food blogs six months ago! I had almost forgotten that a beautiful new chrome Kitchen Aid stand mixer with my name on it was just around the corner.

It was a Christmas miracle! Christmas was officially saved.