Aah….the illustrious life of a food blogger.  An inbox filled with offers of gratis gourmet nibbles and fancy kitchen accoutrements…

The truth is, we here at My Husband Hates Veggies Headquarters do get offers of free samples of culinary products for review.  Here’s our bottom line:

Kitty’s Purr-fect Products are those products that are truly the Cat’s Meow.  That goes for products we bought at the market, or items that magically appear on our doorstep.  If you send it to us and we don’t think its something our readers will adore, it simply won’t be mentioned on the site.  We’ll do our best to mention when a product came to us as a sample. And of course, we will never recommend a product that contains HFCS, MSG, or a variety of other acronyms.

Have a product you’d like My Husband Hates Veggies to review?  Write to Kitty at myhusbandhatesveggies@yahoo.com